Ten years have gone by so quickly for us

Would you believe we’re here again?

The start of something new on the back of all the old 

We’re going to try and trust each other

Get to know the people we have become

Can we do it this time? 

Make it through to what we both want?

Last night was spontaneous and lovely

A rare moment for us

An example of how it could be?

Let us wait and see

No past judgements 


I’m tired of counting 

Counting the days

Counting the hours

Counting on people

Counting for people

Counting what’s left

Counting what I’ve done

Counting how far to go

Counting how far I’ve come

Counting my money earned

Counting the money spent

Counting what I have

Counting what I’ve lost

Counting my steps forward

Counting my steps back

Counting my friends

Counting my enemies

Counting my moments

Counting my memories

Counting the minutes

Until I count my last breath

Counting what I have missed

By counting all this


A tear lit by the crystal light
Grazed my cheek, as I no longer fight.
No longer willing to fight for you
You made it clear that I meant nothing at all.
I was no lover of yours, not even a friend.
And throughout the acquaintance you’d just pretend.
Were you always so cruel and disregarding of me?
So blinded by adoration that I never could see
I always thought I meant something to you
It’s no good me trying, there is nothing I can do.
I finally give in and allow my tears to fall.
No longer wishing that I could change it all.
I don’t want to change myself, and make you want me.
I am who I am, some one you never could see.
Too proud of myself to give in to you
All that you said was completely untrue.
I’d beat myself up everyday
Mentally scarred in every way.
I hung on your words with my whole heart
And they soon caused me to fall apart.
As each tear falls my hope slowly dies
Deciding to move on makes me calm inside.
With each tear that falls, I fall away from you
And I will slowly begin to feel brand new.


Please do not think that I do not care,                  

Just because you text and I am not ‘there’.

Please do not think that I am mean,

Just because you look and I can not be ‘seen’.

Please do not think that I am done, 

Just because I have met ‘some one’.

Please do not think about giving up on me,

Just because I have set us both ‘free’.

Please, do not think that i do not think of you,

Please believe that I often do.